Xtreme Forensics Associates is a consulting company that specializes in expeditious and economical electronic discovery solutions.  Whether in a legal or corporate environments, Xtreme Forensics Associates has one primary goal and that is to search and process electronically stored information in a manner that increases your organizations profitability.

Let’s face it.  The days of digital forensic imaging and expensive obtuse forensics tools that still use the same outdated processes are time consuming which in turn reduces profitability.  If your function is to protect corporate assets or to secure data for civil litigation , we can show you or your organization how to do that without leaving your office.

How is this done?  A simple automaton named iSEEK is the solution.

What makes ISeek processing unique is the theory of parallel processing to quickly and thoroughly perform an assigned task. Parallel processing means one process can be run on multiple computers at the same time, distributively. Whether there are 4 computers or 4,000 computers, they can run the same application.  An explanation of the theory of parallelism can be read here http://web.eecs.umich.edu/~qstout/parallel.html, and crediting Amdahl’s law that states N processes are infinitely possible where you can utilize infinite computing.  ISeek uses parallel processing to reduce processing time which ultimately will have a positive economic impact.